About us

Token Metrics Ventures is a crypto fund focused on investing in digital assets and companies in the crypto ecosystem. The fund invests across the blockchain spectrum, from investments in early-stage, widely-held digital assets to equity in companies that form the foundation of such assets. The fund combines a dynamic fundamental investment process with an artificial intelligence-based quantitative approach to gain an edge in constructing a robust portfolio with a favorable risk-reward profile.


Our journey

Token Metrics Inc. founder and CEO, Ian Balina began sharing his crypto trades in a public-facing spreadsheet, successfully turning $20,000 into more than $5million. His Moneyball-style approach to trading formed the basis for the machine learning algorithms that have driven Token Metrics since 2019.

With this kind of momentum driving the company forward, Token Metrics Ventures begins a new chapter for our mission to deliver economic empowerment to all humankind.

Investment objective

Built from diversified blockchain assets, the Token Metrics Ventures portfolio is designed to achieve positive returns while having a low correlation with other asset classes (equity, fixed-income, currency, commodity) and traditional investment performance benchmarks.

Token Metrics Ventures will focus on the longtail of crypto assets.

Our proprietary investment approach has been developed to discover undervalued crypto assets, which will provide outsized alpha.


Our competitive advantage

AI & Research
  • Leveraging the artificial intelligence platform of Token Metrics Inc. to analyze digital assets and determine best risk-reward investments across the crypto space.

  • In-depth technical, fundamental, on-chain and sentiment data and research.

Industry experts
  • Experienced developers, blockchain code reviewers, data scientists, and machine learning engineers.

  • Seasoned investment analysts with extensive experience in crypto and alternative assets.

Global network & Recognition
  • Over 35 countries visited and more than 40 crypto conferences attended, resulting in identifying early stage investments like Helium and Matic.

  • Expansive network of crypto VCs, developers, and service providers.

Our partners

We are a team of well experienced and highly qualified investors.

Our locations


9450 SW Gemini Dr PMB 59348 Beaverton, Oregon 97008-7105 US